Sensible design and investment

When planning new investments, a true expert not only thinks of only short-term benefits but strives for year-long functionality, with particular regard to user safety. Basing on your-long experience, we at PrefEKO follow the philosophy of creating products with user safety as the top priority. We guarantee the highest quality of manhole steps thanks to:

Profiled surtace to ensure complete outlflow of water and preventing the formation of ice layer

Properly situated (no to be trampled) fluorescent points to minimise the risk of misplacing your leg or arm and to increase visibility while descending

Embedding markers (arrows) – to indicate to proper (standard) depth of embedding over the entire height of the manhole, ensuring proper durability.

Strength class I to ensure safe and minimal bend

Impervious polimer jacket to prevent corrosion and ensure resistance to aggressive substances.

Coloured identification imprint on the front part of the step (cannot be trampled) to allow you to place additional Information, e.g. the name of the investment project, the name of the contractor, logo, etc.

Detailed information on the specification can be found in: products and specifications